About Crystal Hayes

About Crystal Hayes

Lessons from our Past

Crystal Hayes

Today we live in a world destined for destruction. My generation has been introduced to words like, ecology, catch phrases like save our planet and new holidays like arbor day and earth day.

Now it’s G R E E N.

We are always looking for answers when they are right in front of our faces.

Our ancestors possessed all of the answers we seek, and the wisdom to make the necessary choice.

Crystal HayesAt first they passed these stories from generation to generation orally, then with symbols and eventually alphabets were created and here we are today.

It is my belief that if one truly desires to be one with the earth, one with the universe; it would be impossible to achieve this goal with out the teachings of our ancestors.

Crystal Hayes Each week in my food through history column I provide a piece of the puzzle, a story of how these people identified themselves with and through food, the life force, and the earth that provided this life force.

Humans had a symbiotic relationship to the world and all living things they shared this planet with. If we can learn these precious lessons they wanted to pass on to us (at the risk of their lives) we can achieve our goal.

Crystal Hayes

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