The Coppertone Girl

About the Coppertone Girl

The Coppertone GirlLinda sent her Dad in Florida an email about the “Coppertone Girl” and he has provided us with following true story!!!!!

By the way, Linda lived with her Dad during the summer of 1971 in Manhattan, N.Y. Her brother, Jason, was 4 months old when they moved there.

"You'll be interested to know that the little coppertone girl is Sherry Brand. She babysat Linda's brother, Jason, when he was 2."

"Sherry's mom was an artist at an ad ageny who painted her for Coppertone. They lived on the top floor of our NY apartment building and Sherry was a teenager at the time."

"She now lives in Florida and is about 52 years old."

Remember that cute little Coppertone girl with her dog pulling on her blue bathing suit bottoms during the late 50's and throughout the 60's?

Well, she's all grown up now, and is living in Sarasota, Florida at Siesta Key Beach.

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