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Just about all of my life that I can remember, I have been fascinated with the stars. As a youngster I'd wanted to learn everything I could about the moon. Every other youngster close to me shared this interest, in one way or another. We got the binoculars, and the spotting scope, and we'd run out in the backyard on a clear night and watch the sky. In fact, it was almost as much fun to run out and check the sky when it wasn't clear. As long as we could catch a glimpse of what is out there. At some point in the mid-80s I discovered an interesting BBS containing lots of excellent data on the solar system. There was information on black holes, the author talked about many of the amazing sites in space, pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about constellations, and the myths that have been carried down through history. What we didn't know then, and what we know now.

Basically, without knowing it, the author of this particular thread on the BBS is largely responsible for my continued interest in astronomy today. I learned most of what I know by reading articles and stories by an astronomer at the US naval observatory, named Gail S. Cleere. Her knowledge was and is astounding, and I certainly appreciate what she has taught me. Now, many of the articles that she wrote (that I learned from) are in the public domain. That means that the citizens of the United States and I suppose beyond can use them to their heart's desire. Stories provided by the US Naval Observatory and Astronomer Gail S.Cleere appear on this website in the section, SkyWatch. And I hope new readers can enjoy it, learn from it, and be inspired by it’s content as much as I have.

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