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In an earlier column I wrote about how living in Yachats during the summer is like being in a marathon. The season starts slow then moves along at a brisk pace with lots of visitors in the area and lots of people passing through town.

There is action in the air and the energy is apparent. Sounds of activity at night, people frolicking on the beach, crowds in the restaurants and pubs and lines at the grocery store. Then magically after Labor Day "The Change" occurs. For those of us who live in Yachats it's a given that Labor Day is the end of the summer vacation season.

However for newcomers to the area the sudden quiet and lack of people can seem odd and perhaps a bit disconcerting. Instead of hearing traffic on the highway the sound of the ocean becomes the noise of the night. You can find a table at a restaurant with ease and shopping is a breeze.

Perhaps it's my imagination but things suddenly slow down. It's as if someone shifted gears and we're all moving a bit slower. On the other hand after Labor Day the number of large RV's migrating towards the south increases but that is usually during daylight hours. When the kids go back to school the older folks come out to play!

Occasionally we are doubly lucky after Labor Day because the weather stays nice. We had a small storm but since Labor Day it's been great to be outside in the evening enjoying the scenery and quiet calm. The weekends still have a plethora of activities for locals and visitors alike like the Sunday Farmers Market at the Yachats Commons and this year there have been a lot of folks from the valley visiting and enjoying things.

In reality the time right after Labor Day is a wonderful time to take a vacation in Yachats. The crowds are gone, the weather is Indian Summer like and you never have to experience the hustle of summer visitors who are in a hurry to enjoy their time off and sometimes move at the speed of light and act like they are in the center of an urban city with a lots of hustle and bustle.

Now I'm suggesting the "The Change" is taking place in Yachats and I'd also suggest if you like the serenity and beauty of the what they call the Gem of the Oregon Coast now is a great time to come visit Yachats!!

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Here Ye, Here Ye, read all about it!!

While Robert Murdoch's massive conglomerate the News Corporation is going through troubling and tumultuous times and Newspapers worldwide are fighting to stay alive against the onslaught of electronic news, on the western edge of this country, the Central Coast of Oregon, an intrepid individual in the village of Yachats is taking a bold step and entering the publishing world via a newspaper; The Yachats Gazette!

This comes at a time when small towns and villages have often been left with out a true local newspaper. As media corporations trim budgets and thin staff to stay competitive, some small papers have fallen by the wayside. However, the other day a source of mine informed me that Yachats, who once had a great local paper "Big Mouth", will no longer be without a voice of the people.

Word had it that the first issue of The Yachats Gazette was now available. Well I snooped around a bit and finally found a copy of the first issue of The Yachats Gazette and arranged a conversation with the publisher via email. Here is what the publisher Allen Taylor had to say about his paper.

"The Yachats Gazette, as it is properly called, is available at the Green Salmon and Mari's Books in Yachats. I just decided to start the newspaper--I didn't really have any underlying idea. I'm definitely not going to expand it this year. But maybe in March I might double the page size to include a whole new section of articles, which would be "Restaurants and Good Eats." Yes, it's a year-round monthly paper. This is my first venture into this field or any field. I haven't started anything, from lemonade stands to insurance companies.

The newspaper is not available outside of Yachats, but it is available on-line: http://yachatsgazette.blogspot.com . It is a free paper, not a subscription paper".

Certainly Allen Taylor has a game plan and on the mast head of the paper he lists in addition to himself, Eddie Taylor; Editorial Assistant and Transportation, and Heather Taylor; Graphic Design, and for advertisement and to be featured please contact Allen Taylor at aboyandhistrains@gmail.com.

Many papers have started small in small villages and towns and The Yachats Gazette just may be one of those small papers that grows or maybe it will always remain a small paper but nevertheless it's a local paper and when reading it one can tell it’s a paper that is put together with heart and soul. I salute Allen Taylor in this exciting chapter of his life and hope you all will get a chance to see his work in print!

Here Ye, Here Ye, to read all about it grab a copy of The Yachats Gazette!

Incidentally Allen Taylor is eight years old!

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Go Fly A Kite.

If someone came up to you and told you to "go fly a Kite" you might wonder if it was in jest or were they telling you to get lost. Or perhaps they just meant for you to ask them why? At any rate in Yachats you're going to be hearing "Go Fly A Kite" quite a bit for the next several weeks. No they haven't totally lost it in Yachats although some folks swear that many Yachatians have lost it and are still waiting for the next La De Dah Parade to roll through town!

Seriously though, many years ago Yachats had a Kite Festival every year and the skies would be filled with colorful kites swooping, diving and soaring over the river and ocean. The beach at the mouth of the Yachats river is a perfect spot for kite flying, smooth, long and flat it's a natural kite launching pad.

Well, thanks to Wyatt Flechner and Gretchen Hetzler Yachats once again is going to have a Kite Festival. It's going to be held on Sept 3rd and is more than just a Kite Festival. Wyatt and Gretchen are currently holding a fun raising drive to defray the cost of the festival and bringing special guest Connor Doran. Here is what they have to say about the Festival.

"Connor Doran is a young man with a kite. He also has had epilepsy since he was four years old. Flying kites has given him control over his life and incredible self-confidence. In 2010, he won the wild card slot in an audition for America’s Got Talent. On the stage, indoors, relying on the movement of the kite to provide the lift, Connor led his kite in swoops and leaps, as if they were dancing together. The judges voted unanimously to send him to the finals in Las Vegas.

(You can see Connor’s performance on YouTube-- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjjMHaQyk9k&feature=youtu.be ) Connor and his enthusiastically supportive mother, Amy, will attend Sky Candy, the Yachats kite festival to be held on Saturday, September 3. The event, sponsored by Wyatt Feichtner, proprietor of the Yachats Mercantile, is free and open to everyone. This family fun event renews an old tradition of Yachats kite festivals, with kite displays, contests and instruction on how to fly a kite.

For more information about Sky Candy, visit www.GoYachats.com/Events . The organizers are seeking donations to help Connor with his fund raising for college.

If you would like to help bring this inspiring young man and his kites to Yachats, please send your donations to the Yachats Mercantile, P.O. Box 394, Yachats OR 97498. At press time they have approximately $600 towards the goal of at least $1000 and just decided to put up some portable toilets at the beach in the day of the event so that adds an additional $130 to the cost.You can also contribute via PayPal; the account is yachatskitefest@gmail.com . Look for donation jars around Yachats. If you want more information about Connor and the kite festival, call Wyatt at 541 547 3060.

And be sure to attend Sky Candy for lots of fun activities, including Connor’s mesmerizing kite flying performance. Go fly a kite!" So if you hear someone in Yachats tell you to go fly a kite, you will know what they mean by that!

Visit Yachats and enjoy Sky Candy along with the rest of us! to reach Rick Schultze email:yarick@pioneer.net

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Having lived in Yachats for many years I can tell when summer is approaching even though the weather hasn’t been what you’d call summerish but trust me it is on its way. How do I know not being a weatherman or an omnipresent wise man? Watch the Yachatians and you too will know summer is on its way. One of the first signs is the appearance of the Gaden Shartse Monks Sacred Earth Healing Arts of Tibet tour that annually visits Yachats and the Green Salmon and Yachats Commons at the beginning of summer and fills a week with music and interesting activities and events.

Another sign is the red, white, and blue bunting that begins to appear on various businesses. Of course the visitors to Yachats begin to arrive and gradually the market, the restaurants and pubs, shops and motels begin to get busier, and along with that you can tell by the amount of traffic up and down highway 101. In fact the local joke is that when summer hits you can only turn right onto the highway since it would take all day to cross the road!

Another sign of summer and one of my favorites is the demeanor of the folks that are working the various businesses. A general cheerfulness permeates the air and smiles abound. Another sign is large groups of people walking through town and big gatherings on the beach at the mouth of the Yachats River. Often it will be several families who get together for their summer vacations or groups of friends from various places who rendezvous in Yachats to enjoy the area, the beaches, and the nearby attractions like Cape Perpetua. They hike, bike, BBQ and generally have a blast!

Naturally when July hits the buildup to the Yachats 4th of July celebration begins. This year the Lions are going to have a breakfast prior to the La De Dah parade and following a day full of food stands, BBQ's and general frivolity the celebrated Yachats 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular takes place at dusk! After the fireworks show it’s amazing to watch the tail lights of the all the cars leaving Yachats in both directions. It's a glittery parade that sparkles well into the night. So I can feel it in my bones, summer is banging on the door, now if the wonderful Mother Nature will open the door and throw in some sunshine we'll all be feeling summer in Yachats!

Come for a visit, I'm sure you'll have a good time along with the rest of us!!

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Here on the Central Oregon Coast the months of May,June and July all feature parades that celebrate the city, town or village that is hosting them. Some of them like the Rhody Days parade in Florence have been going on for over a century. Another one, Beachcomber's Days, in Waldport started in 1957 and the La De Da Parade in Yachats is relatively new, it's in it fifteenth year, but they are all unique events and part of what makes Spring and Summer a fun time for local residents and visitors as well. Like they say "everyone loves a parade".

I grew up in Portland and was captivated by the Rose Festival Parade from the first time I remember seeing it and ever since then I've enjoyed parades and very much appreciate the time and effort parade organizers put into them. I've been to many Rhody Days parades and am always impressed at the way Florence supports it. I've also been to many Beachcombers Days parades and in fact was in that one twice when working for the Waldport newspaper. It was fun, and that parade is also well supported!

However, one parade that is completely different and really a lot of fun is the La De Da parade in Yachats. Just the name alone implies the attitude of the parade! La De Da, oh well!! So with that sort of mentality the good citizens of Yachats put their collective heads together and come up with some very original floats, entrants, and celebrities to walk, dance and prance the route from the Yachats Commons to the Yachats Post Office.

A rather short route that winds along the ocean road which is lines with spectators eager to see the synchronized umbrella team, the troupe of belly dancers, the fire trucks and ocean rescue teams, the kids from the Yachats Youth and Family Activities marching. And there are other unique entrants in this small but colorful parade that literately fills the village up with residents and visitors.

The celebrities are usually the Mayor and City Council members riding on a vintage manure spreader pulled by a sturdy tractor. This always is a big crowd pleaser and again points out that this parade is far from serious! It's a great example of tongue in cheek parade humor and to add to the frivolity and excitement of the parade, is that parade day is on the 4th of July and the outstanding Yachats fireworks show over the bay and ocean follows the parade at dusk!

So after you've seen the Rhody Days and Beachcombers Days parades come to Yachats and enjoy a day of pure La De Da!!

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